Bubba Watson Practice Putting with Finesse 

Golf is about havingFUN......So if you are having FUN....then you are truly



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         GOLF ACADEMY 


​                  BUNKED  GOLF ACADEMY IS FOR ALL! 

Golf is a personally challenging activity that mirrors the various challenges in life.



Teach families and communities the positive benefits of including golf in your life! 


-Teach the  skills necessary to Play and Enjoy golf

-Introduce the vast outdoor environments golf can be played in...(Yes!!!. Golf is not limited to the golf course! )

-Setting Goals, (Intermittent and long term) striving and  overcoming challenges...celebrated accomplishments

-Respect and camaraderie shared on and of the golf course

- Confidence, 
Respect & Total Inclusion 







- AND MORE!!!! 

 - A Letter
to My Parents -

If golf was to be compared with an activity...most would say hockey and baseball....or many other physical sports related activities....I disagree....golf is more like hunting and fishing...Walk with me..

You PREPARE  your gear the night before...Wake up early...ENJOY breakfast with your buddies...set up...now it's time to have FUN and PERFORM....every location you move to must be STRATEGIC in order for you to hit your final destination... Sometimes it takes many moves...but you LEARN from each move you make how to IMPROVE as well as the internal celebration as you have once again refined a portion of this SKILL…. You and your buddies work together to help each individual's common goal...SHARING KNOWLEDGE and equipment...talking about life and were we want to go...YOUR GOALS.

The ones that have figured out their craft know it's not about the target...it's about the entire experience...and THEIR journey.

Bunked Martial Golf students learn to view golf in this fashion ....as well as life..

-A Letter To My Students -

In the game of golf, the Bunker (Sand Trap) has been seen as an obstacle needing avoidance...

this results in unnecessary altered shots.. leading to sometimes undesired altered courses...

If A student learns to utilize the Bunker to their advantage as well as enhances their bunker confidence and skill to a level identical to driving, chipping and putting.... ....The student truly has Mastered the Game....and their Course.........

David A Roberts

Bunked Golf Academy Head Instructor 

All Students receive new Golf Clubs and Golf Accessories needed  to Play and Enjoy all Bunked Golf Academy activities.

- Monthly Tuition $75 -

 Contact us today for more information – (631) 697-1489  / Bunkededucation@gmail.com



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